Air Conditioning machine, re-gas


Air conditioning (A/C) is a vital part of comfortable modern motoring. Just about every car now has air conditioning fitted as standard. When the A/C system loses gas, the performance drops dramatically. Not only does A/C keep you cool in the summer, it keeps the interior of your car steam free in the winter!

We can recharge your air conditioning system for only £50.00!
+FREE anti-bacterial interior clean with every regas!

Summer is right around the corner, have you checked your A/C? We can perform a full service of your air conditioning system for only £50.00! This includes removal and replacement of compressor oil and gas! Most people don’t know that the A/C system on their vehicle, much like an engine, needs lubrication! Most garages only offer a “top up” of the gas. Leaving the dirty old oil in the system. So come on down and get your air conditioning serviced and have a sweat free summer of motoring!

Don’t forget we’re now offering a free anti-bacterial interior clean with every regas!


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It only takes 30 mins!


  • A/C system leak check
  • System regas/recharge
  • Print out of gas recovered
  • Print out of gas injected
  • Full receipt of work carried out


  • We’re the cheapest around!
  • We use only the best equipment
  • We provide a friendly and reliable service
Air Conditioning machine used for re-gas
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