Looking to get better MPG from your car?

Well, look no further! Here at Vision Autoworks, we can now offer “ECO maps” paired alongside TerraCleans’ patented injector cleaning services!

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Weymouth’s No.1 Economy Tuning / TerraClean Service

So what does this mean?

A typical symptom of bad injectors is bad MPG and poor performance.
Using our patented TerraClean injector cleaning machine, we can restore dirty, clogged and under-performing injectors to a new condition! This is all done on vehicle by attaching directly to the cars fuel lines.

Once your injectors are restored, we can move on to the tuning/mapping side. By making careful alterations within the cars Electronic Control Unit (ECU) we can tell the car to be a little more conservative with the fuel being injected, and also make sure the fuel that IS being injected is the correct quantity at the correct time.

With these services we can boost fuel economy by up to 20%!

With these 2 services combined we can help save you £££ on your fuel bills!

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TerraClean Injector Cleaning

  • Vehicles 2.0 and under £120
  • Vehicles over 2.0 £150

Eco maps are priced at a flat rate of £300.

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