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Weymouth’s No.1 Performance Tuning Service

Why choose us?

  • We carry out a full health check of your engine before carrying out any work. This includes a full OBD scan, a boost system check (for turbocharged cars) and a visual inspection of your engine.
  • We are experienced mechanics, so if there’s a problem with your car we can get to the bottom of it.
  • We are supported by MAX TUNE, a renowned, world wide brand.
  • Each map is tailored specifically to your vehicle and modifications. An ECU reading is taken from your car and is then send off to MAX TUNE for editing, it’s then sent back to us, we then upload it to your vehicle.
  • We keep a backup file of your cars ECU incase you ever want to revert to standard.


Performance Tuning for your vehicle

  • OBD Mapping starts from £300

If your car requires bench or boot tuning (this is when the ECU has to be removed and opened up to access the circuit board to unlock it for tuning) the prices start from £500. This is only usually required on newer vehicles. If you are unsure, contact us to discuss.

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