Here at Vision Autoworks, we specialise in state of the art intake valve blasting. Vision Autoworks is proud to offer premium Walnut Blasting Services for your vehicle.

The method of walnut blasting, also known as valve blasting, is an effective technique for cleaning out carbon build-up in your vehicle’s engine. This build-up can lead to reduced performance, lower fuel efficiency, and in severe cases, potential engine damage. Our walnut blasting service helps to restore your vehicle’s performance, making it feel like new again.

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Why would I even want to do this, I hear you ask? Well.. many modern cars use direct injection which sprays fuel directly into the cylinders, rather than into the intake manifold. Without the fuel running over the valves, they become contaminated with carbon, restricting the air flow and drastically reducing horsepower.

A typical example of this is on the Audi RS4 4.2L V8. Factory figures state 420bhp but they can actually be as low as 300bhp if suffering from carbon build up!

Walnut blasting is a non-abrasive, eco-friendly solution that employs the use of finely ground walnut shells to gently cleanse your vehicle’s intake valves and combustion chamber. The result? An engine that breathes better, runs smoother, and performs at its peak.

Choose our Walnut Blasting Service today, and experience the difference of a clean engine. Whether you’re aiming for better fuel efficiency, improved performance, or extending the life of your vehicle, our walnut blasting service is the perfect solution.


  • 4 cylinder cars £400>
  • 6 cylinder cars £500>
  • 8 cylinder cars £600>
  • 10 Cylinder cars £800>
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